Size Seven is an Adelaide based brand that offers high quality hand produced goods. We don't settle for second best and we feel that every garment/accessory that walks out the door is of the highest quality and standard

Our main goal is to bring classy and bold garments to the street wear community. As an owner I believe in supporting local industry that's why all designs are designed by local artists. The garments we use to print our sourced in Australia to assure quality and we add the little details like custom neck labels to support the views and messages of our brand.
I've always had the eye for a good tee, but have never seemed to enjoy wearing the big name brand labels, after receiving recognition from one local Adelaide store, Created Range; I have seemed to notice the demand for locally produced product! Its amazing to notice the brands organic growth over the last couple months, and it has just made me more determined to strive to continually update the range and hopefully expand the stockist list so that you too can have a quick car ride down to the nearest store and pick up just one of our awesome pieces.
For those wondering how the name came about, well I was having a little brainstorm session one night and I was thinking of inanimate things to do with clothing. I thought of clothing sizes and some how came up with Size Seven; the reason the number seven, well just because it rolls of the tongue better than other numbers!
If you've got any questions i'm always down for a chat; just message me on the Facebook page (link at the bottom of the page) or email me via the contact section.